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We are the founders of 78 Degrees: Richard and Brad. Over the past few years we have been organizing tasting events in Northern California teaching people about whiskey and other spirits. At our events we showcase different spirits, and teach people how to pair them with different foods.  But more than anything, we teach them about the origins of their favorite drinks, including how they are made. We believe if you are going to truly enjoy something, you need to know how it’s made. Unfortunately, we can’t have our events everywhere.  So we wanted to make something so that everyone, no matter where they live, can learn more about how their favorite drink is made.  The end result is the “How It’s Made – Whisky, Wine, and Beer” poster series.



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Each of our posters walk you through the 6 main steps of making whiskey, beer, or wine. We took our years of experience and distilled (pun intended) the many detailed processes required to make each drink into 6 concise and easy-to-understand steps. Our goal for these posters was for them to display enough information to educate you, but not overwhelm you with so much information that it would make learning the process intimidating. With that being the goal, obviously every single detail can’t be covered in these posters, but we plan on launching more detailed posters in the future if the project gets funded. View the project on kickstarter.

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Our goal for these posters was for them to be informative, yet approachable – the graphic design plays a huge role in this. To get the perfect design, we reached out to several different designers for concepts.  Eventually, we were able to choose the perfect artist for the job, Kristine DeNeeve.  Kristin was able to put together a design language that offers a casual, high-level view of these intricate processes, while at the same time providing in-depth details for those interested.  We worked with Kristin through countless revisions to ensure we had the perfect design that could stand on its own, but also look good if all the posters were displayed side-by-side. The final design is something special that exceeds every expectation we had from the beginning. Help us reach our goal.

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We will be printing the posters in 2 sizes: standard & large. The standard size will be printed at 12″x16” full bleed, and the large size will be printed at 18″x24” full bleed. Since we had such a great design, we wanted to ensure it was printed at the highest quality on the best material available. Because we have partnered with Liquid Pixel, we were not only able to achieve this quality, but we were also able to get it at a cost that keeps the product price reasonable for everyone. The designs are printed using an HP 60-inch latex six color printer. Using a six color printer allows us to achieve a more vibrant color in the print. The design is also printed at 1200 DPI (dots per inch). Comparatively, most posters are printed at 300 DPI. This high DPI gives the details of the print a crisp finish you won’t find on any other poster. Lastly, we printed the design onto 225lb premium matte finish poster paper. This is the best poster paper available on the market. It is a nice, thick poster paper with a beautiful white point that really allows the truest color to be shown. Get your posters now!

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Basically, our entire process is complete, which is why we are comfortable offering the funded product at your doorstep before the year-end holidays. We have the designs complete, the prints tested, the sizes finalized, and the material and printer waiting. The only thing we do not have yet is the permission from the artist to print the art for sale (as she has yet to be paid, which leads to why we need your help).


After selecting the artist, she was nice enough to work with us on this project before getting paid, knowing that we were planning to take the design to Kickstarter. The deal we have with the designer is that we do not have rights to print and sell the posters until she has been paid. Which is where our goal comes in. If you like the design and the product, your support will get the artist paid and the poster to your door. As mentioned above, we have partnered with Liquid Pixel for all the printing needs and materials, so the only thing we need is payment for the talented artist.


The posters of course! You will have the option to get the standard size (12″x16”) or the large size (18″x24”) of your choice. Each poster will be a special Kickstarter-exclusive, numbered, 1st edition print. We will also be fulfilling the orders and shipping them to your door before the holidays, so they also make a great gift! See the chart below for a breakdown of the perks.

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